Links Updated

The “Links” section has been updated and a Link had been added “the The Hills Treatment Center. Its a highly noted drug rehab center located in  Los Angeles, California. Howard C. Samuels, PsyD is a leading drug and alcohol addiction expert. He is a licensed therapist with a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology with years of experience running two successful treatment centers, and is the founder of The Hills Treatment Center.

If you are tired of addiction, please contact Doctor Samuels center. It only takes a phone and you can get the help you need. 


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Finishing Up “High Tides”

I have just finished the complete editing of “High Tides”, which of course is the third book.  So far it looks like it will be 433 pages, and should be an enjoyable reading experience. Its now being checked over “edited” one more time by a friend and should be ready for print within a month. I am looking at releasing the book in eBook and Kindle version’s through Amazon and not in hardback or paperback. I will be handling the entire process from this point on. Conversion to PDF, book cover, and whatever else an author does to get his books out to the public. As always its a learning experience.

I am also rewriting the first book “New Tides” and will re-release sometime in the coming month’s. I will be adding over 100 pages and changing the format.

The forth book “Storm Tides” will start going through its first editing and when I am happy with the editing, will release through Amazon as an eBook also.

The fifth book “Low Tides” is half written and my goal is to complete it when the other books are completed and released. My ultimate goal is to have 5 books out for reading by early 2012.

I guess that’s it for now, my thanks and gratitude goes to all those who have supported this dream of mine.



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Goings On

Its been a while to say the least. Life can sometimes interfere with the pursuit of dreams or for me its "your kids college education", cha ching, ouch. Well worth it though, the oldest will be a professor of WWII history in a couple of more years. Youngest is just getting started with becoming a OBGYN. I continue to write, just haven’t published any books. I am looking at putting all the books on the site, not sure how to do it yet. Friends continue to read and edit for me, such as Smitty and Big Chuck. Thanks guys.

Eric Stone has released a greatest hits cd and it is truly superb. He is living his dream in the Virgin Islands. Singing and sailing the tropical days away.

Lastly my friends, if you pass someone serving in our military please stop them and say thank you. It’s Vietnam all over again for our men and women. They are having their hands tied behind their backs and that in no way to win and save American lives. I thought we had learned our lesson thirty plus years ago in a forgotten place called Vietnam. Please pray daily for our troops, God Bless them.


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