Destin Fishing

My wife, youngest daughter Lauren, her boyfriend Gerald and I went fishing with Captain Mike Parker on Thursday, June 21. We caught our limit of King Mackerel about 1.5 miles off the beach east of Destin. Captain Mike knows where to fish!


 Caught Our Limit.

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Eric Stone – Meet Me …

I met Eric in Destin several years ago during spring break when he was living and playing locally in Destin. Since then he has moved to the Virgin Islands. What impressed me most about his music was his lyrical prowess as a singer songwriter.

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Mark Mulligan – Mexico

Mark’s music has its own tropical style that I have enjoyed for many years. Mark has put out 11 albums and has played extensively along the west coast states, Mexico, Belize, Costa Rica and Canada! There’s not a day goes by that his music isn’t playing at work or home.

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November 2011 Update

As you can see the web site has changed, many thanks to CraigP. for his insight and creativity. As you can see there are drastic changes and certain sections from the old site are no longer posted. I will add the Ramirez family tree and its history back to the site sometime in the future. Craig is looking for a way to add back the recipe section, but in a way to make it easier to find a recipe.

My wife and I have finished editing Emerald Tides which is the new name for what was the first “POD” from Authorhouse New Tides. The book has been rewritten and the actual count was 72 additional pages for a total of 284 pages. I am presently looking for a Literary Agent.

The major changes to the book are that I added was how Simon was gunned down in Miami. Who sold him out and his team of field agents? How his boss Christian Bell made the decision to get him out of Miami and who was responsible for his name change. I have also added his earlier life in high school when he was dating Lori.

So get ready, Simon is coming back and soon.

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