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Jekyll Island

General James Oglethorpe established Georgia as a colony in 1733. Jekyll Island was named shortly thereafter by Oglethorpe in honor of his friend, Sir Joseph Jekyll. In the late 1730s, General Oglethorpe appointed William Horton to set up a military post in the area to protect Fort Frederica on St Simon\'s Island. By 1738 Horton had set up permanent residence on Jekyll Island, near what is now called DuBignon Creek. At his residence, Horton established a plantation prosperous enough to supply the population at Frederica with beef and corn and ale. Horton continued to make improvements on his property on Jekyll throughout his years on the island. Even after his property was destroyed in 1742 during Spanish attacks, he rebuilt his home after the Spanish attacks with the uniquely native material, Tabby. A mixture of lime, oyster shell and water, this strong building material withstood the test of time and the external structure of William Horton’s home is now one of two remaining two-story colonial-era structures in the state of Georgia.[8] William Horton died in 1748–1749 and his property on Jekyll passed through many hands until, just before the year 1800, the entire island became the property of Christophe du Bignon. This was taken from Wikipedia.

Destin, FL Summer of 2012

Florida vacation pictures June 2012

Sanibel Island Trip 2004

I spent four days touring around Sanibel Island with my good friend Steve Schulz. He has a home on the island and invited me down for a long weekend. It\'s true paradise for the eyes! I wonder if this is where Bertie Higgins got the inspiration for \"Just Another Day In Paradise\".