Paul R. West is presently a Senior Electronic Systems engineer who supervises electronic technicians for the buildup and maintenance of software integration labs and engineering flight simulators.

He served in the U.S. Navy as an air crewman during the late seventies and early eighties aboard P-3’s and DC-9B aircraft. His duties consisted of troubleshooting electrical and electronic avionics systems when not flying around the world as an air crewman.

It was during his first active duty station that Paul was sent to Patuxent River, Maryland off the coast of the Chesapeake Bay. It was the perfect place to learn how to cook Maryland crab cakes and enjoy bushels and bushels of oysters. Paul’s next tour of duty was a short one at NAS Jacksonville, Florida for additional aircrew training before being sent overseas. Once again he was close to the beach and large quantities of seafood at his beck and call.

Paul’s final active duty station was NAS Sigonella, Sicily. Upon his arrival, he immediately moved off base to the town of Saint Anastasia Motto. He spent three years enjoying the Sicilian culture, history and Mediterranean style cuisine. He witnessed the eruption of Mount Etna and its devastation two different times, August of 1979 and March of 1981. Over the three years Paul lived in Sicily he traveled extensively around the coastal towns of Italy and the Islands of Corsica, Malta, and Sardinia. His next and final travels were the Greek Islands. He was always staying close to the Mediterranean Sea and its rich history dating back to Roman times.

After completing active duty, Paul moved to New Orleans and worked construction for a year while enjoying authentic Cajun cuisine and the greatest party of all times ‘Mardi Gras’. Not one to let grass grow under his feet, Paul moved to Palm Beach in South Florida. His construction work consisted of building private aircraft hangers as far away as the Turks and Caicos Islands. During his off time, Paul spent time sailing to the Bahamas aboard his friend Captain Jim’s ‘Trimaran’ or snorkeling and diving in the Key’s. He would also venture into Miami to experience the ever expanding Cuban culture.

Eventually growing tired of the suburban beach bum lifestyle by the mid-eighties and wanting to settle down, Paul moved back to his hometown in north Georgia. Paul then married his high school girlfriend and started a family. He has two daughters presently in college, and two Labrador Retrievers. When Paul isn’t working, writing, spending time with his family, or community service, he’s at the beach.